Welcome to the Baywatch Marine Conservation Project, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


The aims of the Baywatch Project are to:

  • Educate the community, especially the youth, about the marine environment and the need for its conservation and protection.
  • Assist organisations responsible for marine law enforcement and marine research.
  • Undertake our own independent research.
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As far as we know, the Baywatch Project is the only marine volunteering project in the world where volunteers have the opportunity of seeing the big 7 animals (Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino, Great White Shark, Southern Right Whale) in one day. We are the only organisation in Algoa Bay with a whale and dolphin watching license, which allows us close encounters with these wonderful animals.

 Southern Right Whale
 Great White Shark
Male Lion Elephants
Buffalo Leopard White Rhinos


Unlike most other volunteering projects, our volunteers are needed to help with the actual running of the business on a daily basis. This will include driving and maintaining the two motorised catamarans, providing the guests with information on marine animals and assisting with research projects.




Orca 2


Volunteers are accommodated for in private quarters which has a sea view and regular sightings of whales, dolphins and other marine animals.


View from the house



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