Volunteer Accommodation at the Baywatch Project

Volunteers are accommodated in a well appointed house, overlooking the Indian ocean- a stone's throw from the sea. Whales and dolphins are seen regularly, often breaching clear of the water right in front of the house. Cape clawless otters breed in the fresh water system which enters the sea nearby. The house is located in the coastal village of Seaview, some 25km outside the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. Seaview village has a small shopping centre with supermarket, laundry, ATM and take-away.Volunteers will be provided with their own vehicle for getting around.


The house comprises three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, and two entertainment areas, which are also used as lecture facilities. There is also a spacious deck that overlooks the sea. The garden is totally indigenous, with over 100 species of trees. This is a wider variety of trees than found in the whole of Europe.


View of Dolphins from the House


Besides a beautiful snorkelling area directly in front of the house, there are many other leisure and pleasure facilities located nearby. There are numerous game reserves located nearby which are worth a visit! There is a 25km stretch of sandy beach further up the coast, which is ideal for sand-boarding, and the study of sandy beaches. There are three Alexandria type indigenous forests within easy access, all of which can be reached by numerous trails.


Serviced communal accommodation and occasional meals are included in the course fee. The volunteers themselves must carry their food, laundry and medical costs. They will also be expected to assist with the meal preparations (when meals are provided), and keeping the premises neat and tidy.


View of baitball action from volunteer house


South African's eat a lot of meat! Therefore, if you have any special dietary requirements, please tell us in advance and bring some of your favourite recipes with you.


Click HERE for more photos of the accommodation and incredible views & garden!


For the google earth fans, the house is located at:

34° 1'0.69"S, 25° 22'0.46"E

Check it out!



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