Frequently Asked Questions about Accommodation

What is Seaview like?

Seaview is a very safe and small village just a few kilometres west of Port Elizabeth. There are big houses with even bigger gardens and it is just a couple of metres away from the beach. It is a beautiful place to live and do volunteer work. At least, that is what our volunteers have said so far.

Is South Africa safe?

Like many countries, South Africa's international reputation for high levels of crime is largely based on activities in the big cities, such as Johannesburg and Cape Town. The area you will be living and working in will be as safe as any in Europe and safer than many. As long as you treat others with respect and use your common sense, you'll be fine. South African's are generally very friendly people and the majority will be eager to ensure you have a safe and pleasant stay. Port Elizabeth is also known as the Friendly City. Although having said that, it is not advisable to wander in to townships or locations you are not familiar with unless accompanied by someone who is.

Are there any leisure facilities in the area?

In the house we have two entertainment areas. One has a television with DVD player and a lot of DVDs are available, but you can always bring your own favourites. Port Elizabeth doesn't just have one big centre where everything is happening like in Europe. All the shops and restaurants are located in different malls. In the nearest mall there are three restaurants and plenty of shops. A cinema is also situated in the mall where you can watch the latest movies. There is also a popular restaurant in Seaview where you can get a delicious three course meal. In all instances you'll find the cost of these is extremely favourable compared to first world countries.

What is the cost of living?

It is always difficult to gauge how the cost of living compares to that in other countries. The amount of spending money that you will need will vary according to how much you want to shop, eat and drink, during leisure time. While the majority of produce is cheaper over here, some imported items will be around the same price as in Europe and the US. For example, CDs are often a similar price, as are trainers/sneakers, and electrical items. For the most part however, everything from clothes and jewellery, to groceries and meals out will be considerably cheaper. While travelling, you will find backpacker dorm rooms, snacks and drinks at reasonable prices.

What kind of activities are available to me in my free time?

There are a lot of activities and of course you want to make the most of your stay in Africa. That's why we also offer enough time off for all kinds of activities. Please visit our activities page for more information.

How do I stay in touch with family and friends?

We have a wireless internet connection so if you have one, bring your laptop with you for skyping and emailing. You can also buy prepaid telephone cards when you're here so that you can sms and call all of your family and friends. Friends and family can also visit you, you will just have to make some arrangements while you are here.

What kind of food will be available?

The food you will be eating will be predominantly western food (potatoes, beef, vegetables etc.). One of the national sports in South Africa (besides rugby) is using the braai (barbeque). A lot of fresh meat and fish will be prepared on the braai. If you have any specific dietary requirements or foods you dislike please tell us in advance.

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