Lecturers of the Baywatch Project

The course consists of many practical as well as a series of theoretical sessions. The minimum duration of attendance is one month.


Most lectures will be conducted in Seaview. Besides sessions led by our personnel, guest lecturers that we assist in various aspects of marine research, will also present papers. We are currently busy with shark, whale, penguin and plankton research with different organizations.


Our lecturers will be the following:


Lloyd Edwards

He set up the Baywatch Project and Raggy Charters. He is a British citizen who was born and bred in Port Elizabeth. The highlight of his career was the publication of his book entitled "Scenes From Algoa Bay", a photographic guide to the marine mammals and seabirds of Port Elizabeth. During 1998 he was appointed as an honorary Nature Conservation Officer and in 2009 as an honorary Ranger for the marine side of the Greater Addo Elephant National Park. He has also been the Chairman of the Tree Society of the Eastern Cape since 2002 and specializes in training people how to identify indigenous trees and the need for their protection. He is currently collecting data and photographs of bryde's whales for a Masters degree in Marine Biology.


Dr Lorien Pichegru

She was born on Reunion Island and completed her Doctors degree in Marine Biology at the University of Strasbourg, in France, and the University of Cape Town in 2007. She is a leading world authority on African penguins and has published 21 papers in this regard. She is currently busy with her 6th year post doctoral studies on the effects of the fishing industry on the survival of African penguins and their chicks.


Graeme Lund

Accountant by profession, Graeme pioneered tour guiding in the Eastern Cape during the 1990's. He was one of the first tour guides in Port Elizabeth and was the first person to offer professional tour guide courses. He owns and runs his own design company in Port Elizabeth and gives frequent lectures on marketing especially with regard to tourism. He has been a part time skipper and guide for Raggy Charters for the past seven years.


Gea Groenhof

Gea grew up in the Netherlands at the Harderwijk Aquarium (Dolfinarium) where her father was the director, as well as being responsible for the well-being of all captive cetaceans throughout Europe. Gea always had a problem in her youth deciding whether she wanted to be a dolphin or a killer whale. She and her husband run a guesthouse and farm in Addo, which borders on the National Elephant Park. She has been a part time skipper, guide, lecturer, and photographer for Raggy Charters for the past six years.


Other lecturers who, subject to their availability, will participate in the course are as follows:

  • Dr Malcolm Smale who has been associated with us for some years now and specializes in shark research in Algoa Bay. Lately, we have been assisting Malcolm in the catching, tracking, and monitoring of ragged-tooth sharks along the South African coastline.
  • Dr Stephanie Ploen, the senior marine mammalogist at Bayworld who studied in the USA and worked with whales in Australia. She trained in the taking of DNA samples from whales on the West coast of South Africa for implementation of a tracking programme in Algoa Bay.
  • Dr Nadine Strydom who is marine biologist from Rhodes University and specializes in plankton research. We have been assisting her with plankton trawls to determine the quantity and distribution of certain fish larvae in Algoa Bay.
  • Dr Norbert Klages who specializes in marine birds and has also written a book on the islands of Algoa Bay. We have been assisting him during the last 10 years with the monitoring of seabirds and penguins on the islands in the bay.
  • Dr Malcolm Turner who wrote the most definitive book on shipwrecks in South Africa entitled "Shipwrecks and Salvage" will lecture on this topic.
  • Mike Proctor-Simms who is the television news reporter and an environmental journalist for the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Mike will lecture on the role of the media in promoting marine awareness in South Africa.
  • Dr William Fold is a vet for large mammals and operates at one of the game parks in the area. We have a reciprocal arrangement with him whereby Lloyd lectures his students on the marine environment and he does likewise for terrestrial animals.



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