Activities and Practical Sessions for Volunteers at the Baywatch Project

Our experience demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that the longer a volunteer is on the program, the greater chance they have of doing more of these activities. Similarly, a greater diversity of exposure is both stimulating and adds to the individual awareness of the complex inter-relationship that exists between seemingly separate ecosystems.


Intertidal Zones

After a lecure on rocky shores, the volunteers will be taken to a practical outing to this zone. The various zones and animals will be located and observed. Snorkelling gear will be provided. The same will be done on sandy shores.


Outing to Bayworld

Volunteers will be given a guided tour around the oceanarium, museum, and reptile house, to view exhibits and meet the staff, and discuss various issues with them. It may be possible to shadow one of the Cape fur seal trainers during and after their presentations, and experience a close live animal encounter.


Beach Clean-ups

We do regular beach-clean ups with our volunteers in areas which are reported with large amounts of debris and assist with organised coastal clean-ups in the Port Elizabeth area as part of a larger project.


Fishing Charter

This will be a bottom fishing charter, conducted from one of our catamarans within the confines of the bay. Volunteers will be shown how to prepare fishing tackle, locate and find fish, fishing regulations, how to bait up and catch fish, and how to clean, prepare and cook fish.


Game Fishing Charter

This will also be from one of our catamarans but it will necessitate a journey out to the continental shelf and Agulhas current, which ranges from 50-80km off shore. Generally yellow fin tuna, between 15 and 80kg, are landed although dorado, marlin, and mako sharks are sometimes caught, which are tagged and released.


Research Cruise

At least one research cruise will be undertaken if not more. It depends on what is available at the time but it could either be shark, penguin, plankton or cetacean related.


Boat Maintenance

Volunteers will be shown how to carry out general maintenance on one of the catamarans and be required to do an actual engine service.



Volunteers will be required to handle telephone/email bookings for at least one full day. However you will NOT be required to sit in a shop, as we don't have one.


African Safari

This is a full day trip to the Addo Elephant National Park, as well as a guided tour of Schotia Safaris. Besides having seen the two marine animals (Southern right whale and great white shark), which make up the big seven, you will hopefully see the other 5- elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo, and the elusive leopard.


Woody Cape Reserve

The Woody Cape section of the Greater Addo National Park is headquarters to the marine component of the park. It also includes the Alexandria Dune Fields, which is the largest mobile coastal dune system in the Southern hemisphere. The area is littered with middle late Stone Age sites and middens.


Tree Identification Course

A very basic course with special attention to trees that are in close proximity to the marine environment.


Cetacean Lecture

Volunteers are required to sit in on a public/school cetacean lecture. They will then have to research and prepare their own lecture and present it to a class of school children at one of the schools at which we are involved.


Commercial Skippers Ticket

Should you opt to participate in this recognised training programme and meet the qualification criteria, you will be able to be appointed to skipper vessels in excess of nine metres and of less than 25 tons. The formal lectures including first aid, firefighting and lifeboat operation training, as well as the examination elements of this course will be run separately at a private institution that specializes in these courses. The practical part, which includes the 450 hours at sea that are needed before the exam can be written, will be done and signed off by Raggy Charters. The price to complete this professionally recognized programme is available on request.


Scuba Diving Course

For those who are already certified, we have scuba gear available should they wish to dive our shores with colleagues. This gear is also for use by those who may wish to complete a formal dive training programme while with us. The costs, dates, and duration of such programmes are available on request.


For more activities please take a look at our activities page.




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