Applying for the Baywatch Project




2) Email the Baywatch Project with your filled in and signed application form and don't forget to add your CV, letter of motivation, and a picture of yourself.

3) You will receive confirmation of your registration via email and will be asked to transfer your £200 non-refundable deposit into the Baywatch Project bank account.

4) Once your payment details have been verified, we will email you a Baywatch Project cover note. Along with your passport and proof of a return flight this will allow you to volunteer in South Africa for 90 days (which can be extended). Alternatively a volunteer visa can be applied for, allowing you three years.

5) At this stage you should start booking your flights, arranging your travel insurance, and get any up to date vaccinations you may require.

6) We will keep in touch through email. This way we will stay up to date regarding you flight details and other information and you can ask any further questions you might have.

7) Upon your arrival into Port Elizabeth we will meet you and transport you to the volunteer house.

8) We will help arrange a South African sim card for you to keep in contact with us whilst in South Africa.

9) We will do everything we can to make your experience in South Africa unforgettable.

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