Volunteering with the Baywatch Project

Unlike many other marine operations, ours is owner-run and managed. We are a compact, yet vibrant company driven by our passion to ensure the safety and preservation of our marine heritage. We generally run only one marine tour per day, the morning session, putting as much personalized attention and detail into it as possible. Besides, the afternoons are usually not conducive to charters and we feel that we cannot give our best trying to cram more than one cruise into a day. We would hate having to cut an interesting excursion short because there was an afternoon group waiting to be taken out at a specific time.


During the cruises we collect information on the cetaceans we encounter, using photo identification (which is where we need your help), which gets added to the national database. This important information can then be used by researchers, who are still learning about their habits, numbers and migration patterns. This vital data collection is needed to conserve our marine animals in the long term.


During your stay with us you will also learn about various aspects of the marine environment, which you can then pass onto others and help to educate them about the importance of conserving both our coasts and oceans. The content of our many whale lectures is not only gleaned from other people's research but also from our own extensive observations made during cruises.


We are also the first organization to produce a marine photographic and textual guide to the marine animals of Algoa Bay. This is a 'first-of-its-kind' publication in South Africa, dealing with a specific bay along our coast. The book "Scenes From Algoa Bay" is available to order online by emailing fogartys@global.co.za.


The course program intensifies during the months of July through to November, during our peak 'whale season', when migratory Southern right whales visit our region. This allows volunteers as much exposure to whales and dolphins as possible.



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